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Wampler Reflection Plate / Spring Reverb pedal

Wampler Reflection Plate / Spring Reverb pedal

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In Mint condition with box and manual.

Rock City Sound is proud to offer the Wampler Reflection - one of the most beautiful and unique sounding Plate reverb available in pedal form today.

Relay based true-bypass footswitch - can be switched to buffered bypass for ‘trails’.

Plate/Spring - Your reverb voicing. We all know about Spring tanks and we all know that they don’t sound as good as they used to, but the Reflection is made to sound like those awesome old tube tanks... deep and spongy, so you can get the bounce you need. The Plate setting is a much more smooth sound, studio quality and just the perfect added touch. When on Plate mode, bring the decay all the way up, the tone down and enjoy that soft texture that has made endless ambient hearts break wide open.

Pre-Delay - The key to a natural sounding reverb is the ‘initial’ reflection. Natural reverb is never smooth, you always get a first reflected bit of reverb that varies based on where you’re playing... With the Reflection we give you the ability to control that first reflection (or no first reflection, it’s up to you). This control allows you to bring it in from anywhere between 0ms (none) and 140ms which is quite a large ‘hit’. As always, play with it... find that sweet spot!

Tone - Quite self explanatory! This adds brightness to your reverb trails... The bigger you have your reverb trail, the more easy it will be to handle with a darker tone. Your dry signal is unaffected by this control, it just gives your reverb a little brightness or keeps it nice and warm. Clockwise makes it more percussive and bright and springy, where counterclockwise makes it warmer and more subtle, great for just a bit of added depth.

Decay - The length of your reverb trail. The Reflection offers you an infinite decay to work with… from subtle and natural sounding to completely washed away with ambient droning reflections. Keep the tone knob down a little to stop it from overtaking your signal, but you have the capability to get completely lost in the wetness as the your reverb signal and all places between.

Internal Dip Switches - Tucked away inside your new pedal are a couple of dip switches, you’ll find them just to the right of the stomp switch. They are for Trails and Dry Kill.

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