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Yamaha MODX6 Digital Synthesizer

Yamaha MODX6 Digital Synthesizer

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This Yamaha MODX6 digital workstation synthesizer is in excellent condition and includes the original power supply.

The MODX6 is a 61-key synth with the heart of a MONTAGE, but greater mobility and a combination of Yamaha’s two amazing synthesizer technologies: Advanced Wave Memory ‭2 (AWM2) and Expanded Frequency Modulation (FM-X). MODX also features Yamaha’s proprietary Motion Control, which adds an unprecedented amount of movement to its AMW2 and FM-X combination sound engines.

Combined Synth Engines
MODX Keyboards feature the best of both worlds. Incorporating Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2) and Expanded Frequency Modulation (FM-X) sound engines, you get an exciting blend of sampled-based and FM synthesis technologies wrapped into one powerful instrument. AWM2 ‭uses a combination of high-quality sound recordings with a ‭powerful synthesizer engine to create stunning emulative acoustic ‭instruments, synth sounds, drums and more. FM-X is a unique, expressive, highly programmable ‭synthesis technology for dynamic music creation and sound ‭design. At a basic level, FM-X works by using one sound to change ‭(modulate) the pitch (frequency) of another. This method lends ‭itself to creating harmonically rich and expressive sounds.

AWM2 works by breaking down sound into Elements. Elements ‭can be layered for a thicker sound, split across various parts of ‭the keyboard, switched in and out based on how hard you play, ‭randomized and much more. Elements can also be shaped in terms ‭of loudness, timbre and pitch, and processed with high-quality ‭DSP. AWM2 offers highly dynamic and expressive sound with ‭unparalleled fidelity. ‭

Music that Moves You
A MODX Performance has up to 16 Parts. A Part can be a stand-alone instrument like an acoustic bass or a synth lead. A Part can ‭also be a component of a more complex sound. For example, an ‭orchestral performance might use a single Part just to re-create ‭the violin section. ‭MODX6 continues the tradition of inspiring musicians to discover, ‭create and control their own unique sound. The real-time control ‭capabilities in MODX6 allow dynamic changes to your music. Orchestral brass swells that not only get louder but larger, ‭textures that fade-in sounds while fading-out others or dynamic changes to multiple effect parameters simultaneously. This level ‭of control empowers uniqueness where your approach to MODX6 is ‭yours alone. ‭

Using the MODX Motion Control Synthesis Engine ‭allows precise, interactive control over all aspects of ‭FM-X giving almost unlimited synthesis possibilities. ‭The Super Knob is a powerful real-time macro ‭controller. With the Super Knob, you can direct ‭individual dynamic elements into a single musical ‭expression. You can also change the shape of notes ‭from long to short, bright to dark or move a player ‭from being right next to you to the back of a concert ‭hall. Like the Super Knob, the Motion Sequencer is ‭like having an additional set of hands automatically ‭interacting with the sound. ‭

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