Manlay Sound : The Sound plexi -style overdrive pedal Made in Spain

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Rock City Sound is proud to be an authorized Manlay Sound dealer in the US.

These pedals are small-batch handmade in Spain. 

The Sound is a plexi-style overdrive pedal which superbly approximates the sound of an overdriven '60s Marshall amp. It features a FET and great sensitivity to the player's touch.

By the mid-sixties Pete Townshend was using the first Marshall amps just like other English musicians like Eric Clapton or Peter Green. Marshalls were originally based on the Fender Bassman amps. When pushed to overdrive these amps delivered THE SOUND that would define rock music for decades. By the late sixties and seventies every hard-rocker had a Marshall amp roaring at his back: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Cream, Free, Deep Purple.

“The Sound” successfully emulates the sound of those over-driven amps thanks to its FET transistors whose distortion properties and harmonic content are very similar to a full tilt Marshall. “The Sound” is also very responsive to the pick attack and will clean up amazingly; for this reason many players will prefer to leave the pedal on the whole time. It's one of the world's best overdrive pedals.

-Handmade, point to point soldering technique on perforated board
-FET transistors
-High quality components
-Alpha Pots
-Gain adjustment
-Tone adjustment
-Volume adjustment
-Negative tip 9VDC jack
-LED indicator
-True bypass switch