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Rude Tech

Rude Tech 3MUF-14 Distortion / Fuzz pedal

Rude Tech 3MUF-14 Distortion / Fuzz pedal

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Serial Number 0074! In Mint condition with original box.

Three different muff fuzz circuits, selectable with a 3-way toggle switch.
Add to that a tone-bypass option, then feed it all into an active Mids Overdrive that you can kick on and off at will.

Remember when muffs were rumored to be made of scrapped Soviet tanks? Well, the 3MuF-14 might as well be a control panel ripped out of the cockpit of a MiG jet.

  • 3-way selectable muff circuit (Black, Green, and Civil War)
  • Tone bypass toggle
  • Built-in mids overdrive
    • Internal trim pots to tweak the mids drive voice
    • Socketed op amps and transistors. Experiment with different components to customize your pedal.
  • Heavy-duty construction with metal faceplate, aluminum toggle guards, and individually numbered and signed units.

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