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Handwired in Barcelona, the Manlay Fuzz MKIII is a Sola Sound Tone Bender MKIII replica, as used by Jimmy Page. It is smoother and had less gain than the MKII, using a Germanium transistor and featuring a Tone control.

The original MKIII was introduced in 1968, again featuring a newly designed circuit. It presented a tone control to allow a wide variety of sounds ranging from a psychedelic mosquito squeal to a fat mamooth growl.

The MKIII is a softer fuzz than its predecessor, the MKII, and has sound texture in its own. Manlay Sound’s MKIII is loaded with 3 selected germanium transistors and a germanium diode, all of which contribute to the unique fuzz sound. 

All its quality components are hand wired and soldered using point to point technique - not even an original had such pedigree. The MKIII was used by famous players of the era like Jimmy Page who used the Rotosound-branded version of the MKIII.


-Handmade, point to point soldering technique on perforated board.
-Selected germanium transistors.
-Germanium diode.
-High quality components.
-Alpha Pots.
-Gain, Tone and Output Level adjustment.
-9 volt battery, a brand new one is included.
-True bypass switch.
-Copper gray hammertone finish.

Rock City Sound is proud to be an authorized Manlay Sound dealer in the US.

These pedals are small-batch handmade in Spain. Typical wait times are 5-6 weeks and pricing is 170 Euros PLUS shipping to the US. Here is your chance to have one shipped to you within 1 business day from Rock City Sound and be rocking by the weekend!