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Lovepedal COT 50 RED

Lovepedal COT 50 RED

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Excellent condition with one small paint chip. Includes original box.

VERY RARE "RED LED CIRCUIT" LANDAU "Church of Tone" pedal is aimed to capture the response of a late '60s plexi loaded with 6550 power tubes.

The genius of the COT 50 is in its simplicity. The single bias knob acts as an overdrive control, ranging from just a touch of grind at the lowest setting to a truly hot and bothered high-gain roar when maxed out. Apart from the bias knob and true bypass stomp switch, there are no other controls.

This is a very low-draw circuit that actually benefits from battery sag. With the guitar's volume full up, the texture is much like a 50 watt Marshall in its more torrid range, a sinewy knot of high-midrange complexity. Roll back the guitar's volume and you're left with a lively Vox shimmer atop your guitar and amp's identity. Amazingly, this
happens to an appropriate degree throughout the pedal's range, and
without the overly excessive boost in volume that many overdrive pedals generate. And, yes, it's dead quiet.

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