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King Tone

King Tone Guitar MiniFuzz Si

King Tone Guitar MiniFuzz Si

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In Excellent condition with original box.

The King Tone MiniFuzz SI features 2 carefully selected Silicon BC183 Transistors for authentic sustaining "1000 lbs Violin" vintage silicon fuzz tones.

The MiniFuzz Si will however do much more than just the "1000 lbs Violin" fuzz tones, it is equally at home dishing out fierce and gritty vintage fuzz tones, the almost broken "Bender" type fuzz tone and will furthermore do the modern glitching, out-of-control big riff fuzz sounds depending on how the external Bias is set.


The MiniFuzz Si has a large control for volume, large enough that you can adjust with your foot during a song if needed.

External Bias - extensive control of the tone

On top of the controls for Volume and Fuzz the MiniFuzz Si has an extremely powerful External Bias control that really lets you fine tune the character and type of fuzz that you want from the MiniFuzz Si

3-Way toggle for more tonal options : Fat / Full - Zonk - Vintage

The 3-way toggle let you tailor tone and response of the pedal even more to your liking.

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