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Function f(x) CJOD / MiniTaur pedal

Function f(x) CJOD / MiniTaur pedal

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In Mint condition with original box. 

The Function f(x) CJOD / MiniTaur is two pedals in one:

- Clay Jones Overdrive on the right

- Minitaur on the left

The CJOD is their take on the once wildly popular, rare as hen’s teeth, splatter-painted Clay Jones Overdrive, true to the original with one exception: the diode selector switch has three options (instead of two): 1) asymmetrical silicon diodes (1N914), 2) LEDs, and 3) a “diode lift” (no diodes) in the center position. 

The MiniTaur is an ultra-compact clone of the well-loved (and oft-dramatized) Klon Centaur by Klon Siberia. It is a part-for-part clone of the original (all the same values, operating voltage, input buffer, and other general specs). They even use new old-stock (NOS) germanium diodes.

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