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Cascade Pedals

Cascade Pedals Atlatl FET Preamp FA-1 style

Cascade Pedals Atlatl FET Preamp FA-1 style

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In Mint condition with original box.

This preamp is a modern version of the classic FET-based Boss FA-1 Preamp in the green case with no switch that was made from 1981-1985. Cascade Pedals has updated that circuit by adding an internal bipolar charge pump to run the circuit at +9v/-9v, allowing you to get way more headroom and volume boost with the same 9v power supply.

They’ve also improved the circuit by using high-quality, low-noise parts, including tantalum capacitors in the signal path, as well as an indicator LED, top-mounted jacks, PCB mounted potentiometers for longevity, and of course, a high-quality 3pdt stomp switch.

Features independent Bass and Treble controls, a master Volume, and a Low-Cut switch that reduces the bass output. Place this at the front of your signal chain to use it as originally intended (the internal buffer makes tone suck disappear) or put it right before the amp to use as a EQ and Boost control. Try it in front of your amp’s dirt channel or in front of overdrive/distortion pedals.

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