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BearFoot FX

BearFoot FX Silver Bee - NEW - FULL WARRANTY

BearFoot FX Silver Bee - NEW - FULL WARRANTY

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Rock City Sound is proud to be an authorized dealer of BearFoot FX. This pedal is new in the box with full manufacturer warranty.

The Silver Bee was inspired by Dumble modded, black panel Deluxe Reverbs. We started with an old Silvertone and combined it with a modded silver face Deluxe style gain structure to allow for clean bite, high mid "snarl", and warm lower mids. The Nature knob adjusts both low mid and bass while the Mid knob adjusts the mid level to create a distinct mid cut or push at the desired frequency. This can produce a tweed style mid boost that is extra responsive to pick attack, or a smooth, Dumble style tone that sits perfect in a mix. We love chasing vintage amp tones from the past. The Silver Bee is like hopping into a time machine that takes you back to a golden era of some of the finest sources of tube amp distortion.

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