Keeley C4 4-Knob Compressor = Ross clone

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Crafted with metal film capacitors and precisely matched transistors, the Keeley C4 4-Knob Compressor brings an even higher degree of controlled, precision compression to the table. Already capable of summoning perfect, squishy funk and chicken pickin' tones through manipulation of just the sustain and level knobs, the on-the-fly adjustments available with the attack speed and input gain controls allow for going straight to Trey Anastasio territory.

This is where Keeley hand built pedals really began! The Keeley Compressor is the award winning industry standard for stomp box compression. The sound will inspire your creativity.The Keeley Compressor, Editor's Pick Award from Guitar Player Magazine! AND, most recently the READERS CHOICE AWARD for Stomp BOX...It is true audiophile and studio grade compressor, exotic rack mount quality in a stomp box for once ! Hand Built in the USA.