Fulltone SB2-v2 Soul Bender fuzz pedal v2 mod

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Mint condition with original box and manual.

This is the new v2 mod which Mike Fuller (Fulltone) made during lockdown in 2020. It's a mod that makes it into quite possible the most vicious, sustaining, and harmonic-laden, mid-juicy Fuzz you'll ever hear! It is in excellent condition and includes the original box and manual.

Without going into great detail so as to tip off the builders out there..."3-knob Tone-Bender pedals" like the Soul-Bender run transistor #3 (Q3) at near shut-off with regards to biasing, and Q3 depends entirely on a germanium diode that's connected to it to be nearly matched with regards to forward drop. Bottom-line is you actually have to use a bad (leaky) transistor in Q3 spot to get the pedal to sound even halfway good!

Mike pulled out the germanium diode and Biased Q3 transistor in a "non-conventional manner" and named it SB-2 v2.

Some other positive side-affects of this mod include:
1) cleans up VERY well by turning the guitar's volume knob down...something NO "3 knob tone-Bender can do! Just turn the FUZZ knob full clockwise.
2) the SB-2v2 is 3-4 times louder than a normal Soul-Bender or "3 knob" clone.
3) tone control to the rich-sounding full-Bass (full clockwise)

The Fulltone Soul-Bender is based on the legendary Colorsound and Vox Series III ToneBenders made by Sola-Sound/England in the late '60's that was used by Beck and Page on much of their circa 1968-70 recordings.

The Soul-Bender cleans up when you back-off on the guitar's volume control. This pedal has tons of tonal character and even harmonics and of course, true bypass w/ LED.