Caroline Guitar Company Wave Cannon super awesome lo-fi fuzz distortion

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Great condition and this version has a potentiometer for variable overdrive/feedback control instead of just the simple on/off switch seen in some versions of this pedal.

The Caroline Wave Cannon does all manner of dirty textures, from raging fuzz-stortion to fat, classic overdrive.

Unique pictorial control labels remind you to just close your eyes, turn the knobs up, and rock out; and the "HAVOC" switch conjures up tunable oscillations and octave effects that interact in beautiful and surprising ways with your guitar's volume and tone controls.

Major fuzz sculpting can be done with the Wave Cannon's excellent tone controls, including a "stack" knob for treble content and a "shape" control circuit. Plenty of gain and volume are on tap as well.

The Caroline Wave Cannon is designed and built in South Carolina, USA.